Computer Course designed to cater the needs of the industries involved in the information and computer technology. the course aims at:

1. Developing a value based computer education.
2. Providing highly specialised training to girl students for shaping their career as IT professionals.
3. Providing highly skilled computer professionals to the industries.
4. Motivating the students to start their own enterprises in computer applications and provide employment to to the people.



1.  50 Pentium IV Processor, 2GB, 500 GB HDD, Windows XP installed.
2.  60 Pentium I3 processor, 2GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Windows XP installed.
3.  2 Sharp Full HD Projector.
4. Hight Speed Broadband and 10 VPN Connections.
5.  4 Switches with 24 port connector.
6.  more than 5 printer including Laser, Inkjet, DMP etc.
7.  2-High Resolution Scanner.
8. All the computer have 24 hour power supply