The Faculty of Arts is the oldest and largest faculty of India. Faculty of Arts also known as “Mother Faculty” out of which many other faculties and departments of the university grew out. Realizing the significance and important role of humanities in modern education as well as in the nation building efforts, Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya envisaged it as a centre to preserve and disseminate the best thought and culture of India. The Arts Faculty represents the cultural diversity and pluralism which form the salient features of the Indian cultural heritage and tradition. 

Within the New Generation Bachelor of Arts, students choose one or two Arts disciplines to be the main focus of their studies during the degree. The careers should be used only as a guide due to the fact Arts graduates work in a vast number of different areas.

Arts graduates enjoy challenging and rewarding careers in a diverse range of industries, both domestically and abroad. Our graduates find that studying a range of disciplines across their Arts degree equips them with flexible thinking skills and opens up an array of career opportunities.